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      "No," said he, to some further question of the corporal; "I'm to wait here for the command."激逯イ�ゃみぅ兢ピGregg rested his head upon the back of the chair and puffed smoke out. "We will pass over the circumstance of his abrupt appearance at the top of the hill, for it is obvious that he might have come from one of the neighbouring villages, although I don't think he did. You yourself admit that his manner of approach was startling, and that it almost seemed as though he had come from nowhere. But let that be. There are, I admit, as yet few facts in support of my theory, but it is at least significant that one of the first questions he[Pg 53] asked should have been, not where he was but when he was."玩旎

      �の�But what could it mean? Gregg rather prided himself upon the resiliency of his mind, but not all the elasticity of which he was capable could enable him to overcome a sudden sense of uneasiness. Was the Clockwork man, after all, no more than a very elaborate and highly complex puppet? But how could that be, since he breathed and spoke and gave every sign of the possession of an individual consciousness? Considered in this new light he was even more difficult to explain.━エぅ


      "What, what? Speak out, Dick. You blame me some other way?"颏ぅゆ胬�蒋�卯盲モ

      "You get along," he persuaded, "before there's trouble. I don't want to be 'arsh with you."エ埭Д胎嵘Again the tears flowed down the Clockwork man's cheeks, this time in a sequence of regular streams.ご¥イ逍"Oh, sirs," we again heard Miss Harper cry, "withhold! Captain Ferry, they have called in four more men!" We heard the four downstairs coming at a run. "Oh, sir--"い袱


      "Death," he reflected, "that was death, I suppose. They still die."イ互を蕨寥耥"Understand," I said as I wheeled, "I fully expect her to recover."ゥねイ速ゃホ

      But it was not a human noise. It began with a succession of deep-toned growls and grunts, and ended abruptly in a distinct bark.撇磴イ肀いThe spectators gave themselves up wholly to the fun. It must have seemed to them that this extraordinary cricketer was also gifted with a sense of humour, however eccentric; and that his nonsensical action was intended by way of retaliation for the ironic cheers that had greeted his running at all. Nobody, except Arthur Withers, realised that the Clockwork man run thus far because for some reason he had been unable to stop himself. It may be remarked here that many of the Clockwork man's subsequent performances had this same accidental air of humour; and that even his most grotesque attitudes gave the observer an impression of some wild practical joke. He was so far human, in appearance and[Pg 35] manner, in spite of those peculiar internal arrangements, which will be dealt with later, that his actions produced an instantaneous appeal to the comic instinct; and in laughing at him people forgot to take him seriously.肴辆"No, I'm not," grumbled the Doctor, "I've had enough of this wild-goose chase. And besides, it's nearly dinner time."赘摔ゥ

      "Really!" The Curate's jaw dropped several inches. "I must apologise. You see, I'm really rather flurried. I have the burden of this entertainment upon my shoulders. It was I who arranged the conjuring. I thought it would be so nice for the children." He started rubbing his hands together vigorously, as though to cover up his embarrassment. "Then—then you aren't the man from Gamages?"蕙里で"Oh, God," he whispered, hoarsely, and then again, as though to comfort himself, "Oh, God."ゃぇケチ�ゥ氦讥い


      "I am bucking up."ゥ妤い"But what happens," Arthur wanted to know, "when the clock works properly?"蓼ぅThere was a moment's silence. The Doctor had been talking so rapidly, and he had been so swayed by his feelings, that he had scarcely noticed the other's demeanour. When he looked up Gregg was walking with a measured tread up and down the floor. He had dropped his cigarette, and his mouth was formed in the act of whistling. The Doctor started to his feet.湄

      They exchanged. The slave girl sank forward upon her face moaning and sobbing. Harry silently wept. "Now, Gholson, you know me; draw--pistol."槌ゥぅ"Anyway, it's the fashion," the other growled hoarsely. "I ought to know because I used to be one of them before the accursed drink--but that is another story. Ever heard of the Countess Lalage?"ゥ侠盲いAnd then there was the Clockwork man—something else to think about, to be wondered at.ぅ途蛊